Our Purpose

Helping people live their best lives.

Careica Health Leadership

Our Executive team members are Careica Health's strategic leaders and cultural cornerstones. Together they built a company that diligently strives to set new industry standards for high quality client care.

Portrait of Earl Gardiner

Earl Gardiner

Executive Chairman & Founder

Earl founded RANA (now Careica Health) in 1988, building on his passion for using innovation to create respiratory care programs that support sufferers of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) and respiratory disease.

After graduating from the University of Saskatchewan in 1982 with a Certificate in Health Care Administration, he began his career in the healthcare system as an accountant. Before founding RANA, Earl was the CEO of the Tri-Lake Health Region.

Earl is driven by quality of care for his clients. He appreciates the trust clients put in Careica Health, to provide outstanding, accessible care that empowers them with the freedom to live life to the fullest.

As part of this strong commitment to the medical device industry, Earl is an active member of the Bioscience Association of Manitoba (BAM), having served two years as the Association's Chairman.

Portrait of Cory McArthur

Cory McArthur

President & CEO

Cory joined RANA (now Careica Health) in 2012 as the Vice President, Business Development & Clinical Operations. In 2014, he was promoted to President and in 2018, to President & CEO.

Cory graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (marketing major) from the University of Saskatchewan in 1996. His career began at Monsanto, where he worked across the prairie provinces and held several key positions including President of Monsanto's Crop Protection Division. Building on his marketing and operations experience, he joined the Canola Council of Canada as the Vice President of Market Development.

Cory is genuinely committed to the caring-focused culture that enables Careica Health to deliver high quality, high value community-based respiratory services.

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