Partners in Care

Within our clinics, Careica Health has partnered with doctors (Respirologists, Sleep Specialists and Dentists) who work alongside our Careica Health team.

These medical doctors are independent practitioners who use their expertise to review and interpret our clients' sleep study and respiratory assessment results. In some clinics, they also meet with our clients to personally discuss their results, answer questions and recommend treatment options.

These doctors are important members of our Careica Health team and work closely with our care team to ensure our clients receive the best possible and most appropriate treatment.

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Healthcare Providers

For Healthcare Providers, Careica Health provides extensive information about our sleep, oxygen and respiratory services, reference material and essential links to government programs.

Sleep Care

Are you or your loved one living with restless, sleepless nights? Careica Health's experts can help you wake up to your life.

Home Oxygen

Careica Health can empower you and your loved ones with knowledge and tools needed to give you the freedom to breathe easy.