The Power of the Success Story

Saturday, November 26, 2016

We love our client’s stories about how they wake up their life. Hearing the heartfelt, life-changing stories convince some sleep apnea sufferers (and their partners) to take that final step of seeking treatment for their chronic condition.

To all new and struggling CPAP users in MB: This is my CPAP story

I’ve been using CPAP for 16 years. I call it my medicine to sleep—it’s great! However, it wasn’t great in the beginning!

Like most things, we need time to get used to new situations, new things, and that goes for CPAP treatment too.

My asthma was acute when I started treatment. I had an unusually tough time getting used to CPAP air. I remember sitting on the edge of the bed, going through a very specific routine of first sitting, then putting on my mask, and finally slowly laying down. It was a tough few weeks for me. But, over time, I didn’t need the routine and it became second nature. Everything became easier and I began to see little signs of improvements. So if you have to take it slow or find your own routine, do whatever works for you! And don’t forget to rely on your RANA professionals, they are a great resource and source of support!

I want to say … PERSEVERE … it gets easier week to week, and the end result is so worth it! No, I can’t leap tall buildings or fly, but I FEEL BETTER which make all life’s moments better!

There are so many reasons to continue with CPAP: oxygen flowing - no longer struggling to breathe, a stronger heart, lower blood sugar levels, and I know I will have an even longer life!

So to all new CPAP users out there, YOU CAN DO IT!

Let’s be the best we can be for our families and for us as individuals!

RANA Sleep Care Plan Member
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Did you know?

Statistics indicate that up to 90% of sleep apnea sufferers remain undiagnosed.1 Consider the massive number of people who do not get a good night’s sleep and suffer during the day as a result. Remember when you were one of them?

How do I share my CPAP story?

When you hear a family member, friend or co-worker complain of chronic fatigue, vent about their bed partner’s snoring or concerns that their bed partner stops breathing in their sleep, include yourself in the conversation and let them know how you got help and the difference it has made in your life. Share with them how CPAP has impacted your spouse, bed partner, and kids as well.

These stories are the fuel that drives the RANA team, who work fiercely to coordinate and provide life changing therapy and on-going care for sleep apnea suffers. If you would like to be featured on RANA’s site to let others know how sleep apnea treatment impacted the quality of lives for you and loved ones, please contact us. When sharing your CPAP story on social media, use the hashtag, #MyCPAPStory . RANA will be launching this campaign during National Sleep Awareness Week (March 5-13, 2017) on Facebook and Twitter .

1 Source: Meek D, Chakravorty I. Obstructive sleep apnea increases risk of CVD. Practitioner. 2009 Nov;253(1723):17-20, 2. PubMed PMID: 20043505.

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