How do I keep from tripping over my oxygen tubing?

People who use oxygen have an increased risk of falling, due to tripping over their tubing. To prevent falls, keep the tube of your oxygen supply away from feet and furniture.

RANA recommends the following tips to decrease your risk of tripping:

  • Place bright colored tape at 12-inch intervals along the tubing. The bright, contrasting color will alert you to the location of the tube on your floor as you move throughout your home.

  • If you use a walker, crutch(es), or cane to walk, loop the tube around your ring finger. This will keep the tubing away from your feet. By holding it, you will be more aware of it as you go about your home activities.

  • If you do not use a device to help you walk, hold the tubing in your non-dominant hand.

  • When turning to sit on furniture, toilet or tub seat, move the tube from your side to directly in front of you. You will be better able to see it as you turn, so the tube does not get tangled on anything.

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